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Holgate Nannies is a bespoke local Nanny agency; providing services in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. From permanent, temporary and part-time nannies always professional and reliable and first-aid certified.

Holgate Nannies was established and is owned by Lauren Holgate who a former nanny with fifteen years professional experience. Her knowledge and expertise in the nanny industry not only has been gained in Holland but worldwide; working and living in major cities such as London, England; New York,  U.S.A and Dublin, Ireland and more recently in Amsterdam. These arrays of locations and cultures have given her enhanced life and work experience to draw from.

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Baby Sleeping

Looking for a Nanny ?

Is a nanny the right childcare for your family? Learn more about the role of a nanny, different types and their duties.

Sleep coaching

When was the last time you had a full nights sleep? Find out more on Laurens expert approach and how she can help your family.

Nannies - Join the agency

Find out how to join the agency, the support we offer and our approach to our team.


Lauren was a life saver for us. She came into our lives when my son was around 14 months and was amazingly knowledgeable about how to structure the day to help with night time sleeping. Lauren helped us with so much but one thing that she was amazing at was teaching us and my son how to fall asleep by himself in his cot (I was absolutely against any cry it out methods). Lauren’s approach was gentle and patient with no cry it out. 
If there are other parents out there with erratic daytime routines and broken nights, I would recommend you to get in touch with Lauren. I’m sure she can help you.

Abby - Sleep Coaching Client

Lauren helped us achieve what we thought we never would with our almost 1 year old - 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, night after night. Lauren is a live-saving sleep expert who will transform you and your baby's approach to sleep in a healthy, gentle way but importantly in a way that you can sustain. She listens without judgement and helps you create goals broken down into small manageable steps, provides constant support and check ins for all the encouragement and advice you need. We will be forever indebted to Lauren for helping us!

Kathryn - Sleep Coaching Client

Totally recommend Lauren and her gentle, helpful, effective and yet flexible approach. We came from 3-5 wakings a night (9 months old lo), a handful books and an unsuccessful sleep workshop. After 4 weeks and a bit our little one slept through the night! Due to Lauren's personalised and caring service she creates and helps tweaking a routine which works for you and your baby. Most importantly it did not involve any crying of the baby which was crucial for us to decide on a sleeping method. It did not take long to see first improvements despite the fact we had to travel in between, there was a tummy bug, a cold, a cough and full time working parents. Lauren worked patiently along with us and TADAAA - our little one settles himself and sleeps all night.

Mau Si - Sleep Coaching Client

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