How does it work to have a nanny in Holland?

Nannies who work four or more days

In the Netherlands nannies who work more than three days per week for the same family are legally required to be employed by the family.

Nannies who work three or less days

Nannies who work three days or less can work under the Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis.

They are either:

  • Employed

  • Autonomous non-entrepreneur

  • Autonomous entrepreneur (self employed).

It's important to discuss these options with potential nannies.

When you are considering hiring a nanny please keep in mind:

  • Fair and guaranteed pay

  • Guaranteed hours every week

  • Four weeks or more paid vacation

  • 8% holiday pay

  • Sick pay

  • Safe work environment

  • Providing the nanny with a healthy work/life balance.

Autonomous non-entrepreneur

If your nanny is a autonomous non-entrepreneur you will need to organize a proof of work document for your nanny. It is the sole responsibility of the Nanny to insure herself with UWV for WIA and WW. The Nanny is responsible and liable for paying the applicable (i.a., wage, income, etc) taxes, levies and withholdings over the salary.

Autonomous entrepreneur (self employed)

Self employed/freelance nannies should send invoices. It depends on the nannies KVK registration if you will need to pay VAT.

It's very important you research the legal and tax requirements for having a nanny in the Netherlands.

Nanny hourly rate

All Holgate Nannies earn a minimum of €13 gross per hour to be paid directly to the nanny. The hourly rate increases depending on the nannies experience and qualifications. Please note if your nanny is a freelancer the minimum recommended rate is €18 excl VAT.


Childcare allowance

We are a nanny agency rather than a Gastouder bureau. You need to use a Gastouder bureau to fnd a nanny if you wish to claim childcare allowance. You cannot claim childcare allowance through Holgate Nannies.


It is the family and nannies decision if they choose to have a contract. It is something we highly recommend. You are not required to use our contract template. Holgate Nannies is an agency that connects families with nannies and provides you with this template contract as a complimentary to it's services. The provision of this contract cannot be regarded as (legal) advice or any other service outside the scope of Holgate Nannies. Although this template contract has been prepared with the fullest care, Holgate Nannies does not accept any risk or liability for damages following from its use. Use of this template is thus at your own risk. Holgate Nannies encourages her clients to seek individual advice in order to understand the fiscal, financial and legal consequences of taking on a nanny.

It's important you research the legal and tax requirements for having or working as a nanny in the Netherlands.

Holgate Nannies is an agency that connects families with nannies. The provision of this information cannot be regarded as (legal) advice or any other service outside the scope of Holgate Nannies.

Taking your nanny travelling with you

When travelling with work it’s the employer’s responsibility to cover the following costs:

  • All travel expenses

  • All meals for the nanny on and off duty

  • All transportation costs

  • Provide and cover the costs of own room for the nanny.


We recommend discussing travel schedules, travel plans, providing travel insurance and pay in advance of travelling. Depending on the travel the nanny may charge a separate inconvenience fee or if the travel is regular the monthly salary should be increased according.