Newborn and Beyond first aid and CPR courses are taught by a paediatrician and qualified first aid instructor.

Newborn and Beyond hosts monthly courses specifically to train Holgate Nannies Agency nannies. On these days we encourage local nannies and parents to join the sessions.

Newborn and beyond certified first aid and CPR course details:

Basic Life Support (CPR and choking/near drowning)
First Aid:
- Skin injuries
- Burns
- Active bleeds/ Nose bleed
- Foreign object in nose, ear, eye
- Lost/broken tooth
- Trauma- head, finger in between door, sprain
- Medical Emergencies: Respiratory distress, Fever/Febrile convulsions, Anaphylaxis
- Childhood diseases: Meningitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Sixth Disease, Viral rashes

More specific medical emergencies can be covered if a child is known to suffer from a medical condition e.g asthma, epilepsy, diabetes.

Duration: 5 hours (12 - 5pm)
Max persons: 5
Cost per person: €120 excl VAT
Location: Amsterdam 

*If you are a registered Holgate Nanny, the cost is €100 excl VAT.

The above course content is a general example. We can tailor the course to your needs.


COURSE DATES: The next course date will be announced at end of January 2021. 

IMPORTANT: There are very limited spaces please reply ASAP especially if you wish to attend the next course. Payment needs to be made to confirm your place.

TO BOOK: Email directly stating how many places you wish to book and which date.