The recruitment process

  1. Call or email Holgate Nannies, we will then organise an in depth in person intake to discuss your nanny requirements. We recommend both parents are at the initial meeting with Holgate Nannies

  2. Holgate Nannies will begin the search for a suitable nanny for your family

  3. You will receive the details of suitable candidates. Once you have chosen which candidates to interview contact Holgate Nannies and we will organize the interviews at a location of your choice 

  4. Once you have conducted the first set of interviews we recommend you have a second interview or a job trial with the most suitable candidate(s) 

  5. Holgate Nannies will deal with all communication for organizing interviews and job trials 

  6. Once you have chosen your candidate please inform us and we will contact the candidate

  7. Holgate Nannies will help negotiate salary. We can also supply contract templates

  8. Post placement support is offered once the nanny's employment has begun. Holgate Nannies will provide support and advice to the family and nanny. Holgate Nannies is also able to provide the nanny with contacts of nanny colleagues, children's classes and child friendly activities in the local neighborhood. 


We recommend all contact with the candidates is done via Holgate Nannies. 

The amount of time the recruitment process takes depends on each individual job. Once you have established you need a nanny please contact us and we can advise how long the search will take. 


Terms and Conditions apply.