How to apply 

Process for registering

The process for registering with Holgate Nannies is selective and extensive. We have high expectations regarding the nannies experience, skills and qualifications. 

 1. Complete application form 

2. Video interview

3. Candidates provide all documents (see below) and attend in person ID check 

4. Holgate Nannies will check your verbal and written references 

5. Check the job board regularly

6. Interview with families and trial for jobs 

7. Receive a written job offer and contract.

The standard of nannies registered is extremely high, we can't guarantee placing you with a family.

Mandatory documents required for registration: 


  • EU Passport or work permits - If you have more than one please bring all of your passports 

  • Social security number  (BSN or NI)

  • Written and verbal references 

  • Minimum of three years as a professional nanny or three years childcare experience

  • Police check 

  • Certified Paediatric First Aid qualification

  • High school qualifications, college or university qualifications - all original copies of any relevant certificates and qualifications 

  • Drivers licence – If you have a valid drivers licence 

  • Any Visas or Residence permit 

  • Proof of address 

  • A smiley photograph for your nanny portfolio​.



Your CV should contain every nanny job from the age of 18 onwards, the ages of the children at the start of your employment, your responsibilities, location, job type and dates of employment.



We need to check five or more years of references to be able to place you. We will provide a form for you to fill in the contact details of your references. Please note all references must be of a professional capacity (references from family members and relatives are not accepted).

Paediatric First Aid qualification and VOG

We are happy to interview you before you have applied for a VOG and First Aid certificate. We can give guidance on how and where to apply for a VOG and First Aid certificate. If you do not currently live in the Netherlands or have lived here for less than 6 months you will need to apply for a police check from your current country of residence. If you are in the UK you will need an enhanced DBS. You can interview with our families but not be officially placed in a job until you have your VOG and First Aid certificate.